Friday, March 24, 2017

Stash Bee Finish - Get Your Glasses Out!

I'm just going to make your eyes bleed from colour're welcome..mwahahaha

I've got commitments up the wazoo so I will make this short
and sweet

The quilt is part me and part Stash Bee Hive #6 2016, thankyou girls I absolutely love it!!

The link to the tutorial post I did for Stash Bee is here and the original version by Ara Jane from is here

 With all that headache inducing colour on the front I chose a black and white square print for the back

 Sandra from Wise Owl Quilting used a really cool variegated thread in a geometric interlocking rectangular all over panto....say that sentence really fast!!!

Last of my Summer anenomes look great against a squished up to the spa now with a gazillion colour catchers.

Linking up the love while Amanda Jean is on Spring Break with Myra for Finished or not Friday and Shelley who's hosting TGIFF


  1. This is an Awesome finish! I love the geometric interlocking rectangular quilting in the variegated thread. I did attempt this once on my domestic sewing machine. It was alot of fun.Thanks for linking up with this week's TGIFF.

  2. No colour blindness here I love it!

  3. That is a fabulous idea for a bee quilt! It looks amazing.
    Yes, use all of the colour catchers.

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