Friday, November 29, 2013

Sea Stars

I finished this up this week and I'm so know when something in your head actually works out when you make it?
That's this quilt for me colourwise.
I used some Kona Cotton from the Ocean bundle?..I think?and threw in some Amy Butler Daisy Chain.Nicey Jane and On The Pond by Sarah Fielke.

It was also the perfect opportunity to use my new labels from Anna at LillaLotta,she is so lovely and helpful to deal with and had no problem changing my little owl from black/red to turquoise

Quilty stats are, 12" finished Sawtooth Block quilted horizontally 1" apart in Gutermann 30wt.
Yay another finish...Linking up with AmandaJean at Finish It Up Friday
Woops...I almost forgot to show you the back! I pieced it with leftovers and a peppery coloured solid that I had laying around...I quite like the back almost as much as the front?


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Done & Dusted......but wait

So I thought I better have a quick recap of this post

Quilted , bound and labelled....officially finished...crossed off the WIP list
Sea Stars...cause the colours remind me of sea glass

Also quilted bound and labelled...more detailed post on Friday as I have new labels to show as well.

Officially crossed off as well....crazy times people!!

 But here it is did I find some more WIPs.......the shame........
yes I did!
Bad Iphone's a Fig Tree Pattern called Sweet Sugar Swirls and once again I don't know if it needs a border or not?
On a my defence it has batting cut and a bedspread backing chosen and it will go out to my longarmer as soon as I applique over a couple of minor holes in the backing with some paper piecing....time...when to find this fabric wish I had more.
I say that a lot?
From Simplify by Camille Roskelly, still like this fabric but doesn't really go with anything in my house anymore so not high on my list to get finished
This is just a play around with hourglass blocks and some brown fabric...not my favourite but I really like this still and would make a cute baby quilt.
So am I winning....not really.....
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Wordless Wednesday...busy busy busy

Monday, November 25, 2013

Designer Cot Sheets

So when I found out I was having a  Miss C and not a Master C I went a little crazy on the preparation in the excitement of having a pink one after THREE blue ones!
The girl has sooo many girly theme quilts it is slightly ridiculous...hence her penchant for laying down on any quilt I spread out or try to photograph...she assumes they are all "mine".
One of the first non quilty things I sewed for her after bibs was fitted bassinette sheets, of my own fabric selection...who would've thought?
Now it's getting hot Downunder and she only had one fitted cotton sheet I thought I better whip up a couple more

Hello Denyse Schmidt fitted cot sheets....Get outta town for cuteness!!!!
So delicious I wish I could make big girl sheets out of these...Mr OWB would have a spaz!

If I had smell-o-vision you would know that this flower smells like a  tropical holiday

I used this tutorial here and the only thing I changed was the seams of the boxed corners, I got all sophisticated and frenched them....simply put, wrong sides together sew 1/8th seam turn them in the other way so the right sides are together and sew a 1/4 in seam that encloses the raw edges.

Scrummy yummy...there was one more but I was yak yakking on the phone while I cut it out and made it too big so I have to get the seam ripper out and redo.....lazy...yes...will I do it??...let's wait and see LOL

Gorgeous sheets at under $20 NZD each and cut and sewn in half an hour easy peasy and so satisfying
Jeez the cotskirt is a bit crooked??

Friday, November 22, 2013

Christmas Is Coming

Christmas is coming and I WILL have a new Xmas Christmas quilt ready to be actual fact she says being a real smarty pants I will have three!!...Well one is a table runner but I'm counting it!

Warning another picture heavy post...

These are all Kate Spain fabrics bar the red and white one below which is Michael Miller.

Confession time......these projects were pieced last year BEFORE Xmas but only quilted this year and bound this week....I think the fabric is even older since I couldn't even locate the free pattern sheet on the Moda Website ....shame

 This is a table runner that I just made up, which was quite obvious when I didn't measure correctly and had to unpick two blocks...seems in my head I have a giant's table...probably from all the food I seem to have to cook to feed the people who keep appearing to eat....Teenage boys!!!

Michael Miller border again...must love it since I still have yardage??

Fabric in the square is Riley Blake, I think?

  This Xmas Tree Quilt is humongous..there is still another column of trees to the left which I couldn't fit into the camera screen....but I love love love it...pattern is by Basic Grey

Long story short, the trees are supposed to be 3D but after doing one I decided that although the technique was cool it was wasting too much fabric and since I knew that I was sending it out to be quilted my longarmer would have kittens trying to navigate the raised edges within the quilt for a panto...custom would have been fine but I save that for smaller less expensive quilts.

Jingle bells quilted all over
The one and only 3D tree

Congratulations! You made it to the end!!....Maybe next year I will have my Grinch quilt ready for Xmas 2014!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Crapola!!....It Leaked

So I got all jiggy wit it and finished up my Sherbet Baby.....
BUT when I pulled it out of the washing machine ready for it's spa treatment in the dryer......
It looked like this? ?...Bad iPhone photo I know but it has an all over pink colour!!!
 In fact it was worse but I had a moment  (panicked) and didn't take photographic one should see such a thing!

And this!  No.......... this Sweetwater print is not supposed to have a pink background ....and there was pink all through the stitching..... after I had a freak out and said very bad words over and over I put it back into the machine after spraying maniacally with stain remover ...and Ta Da!
The pink stitching has gone....
But it is still a light shade of pink all over,compare the white label,
but I like it, a happy screw up.....can happen when you use repurposed backings, even tho I washed it a few times first??
 ....but it is oh so snuggly!